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Envisioning the Future Around the World

Our customers’ requirements are diverse and demanding. COBISOFT and its partner community serve a growing customer base worldwide.

Driven by Innovation

COBISOFT is dedicated to the development and operation of SAP Business One-based applications over the past years. Our approach focuses on transforming ideas into innovative solutions aimed at enhancing customer experiences while maintaining user-friendliness.

In order to take our ideas from concept to reality we combine forces with customers and with SAP. The close alignment to industry specific needs and using the well-known functionalities of SAP Business One transforms ideas into innovative, market-ready solutions.

SME Partner Innovation Program

At the beginning of 2019, SAP launched the SME Partner Innovation Program, with the aim of promoting the acceptance of intelligent technologies in the partner ecosystem. The result was astonishing: 166 projects were submitted using various intelligent technologies. Of these projects, 69 have been completed. (Source: Two of these projects were submitted by COBISOFT and successfully completed. Since then we have been participating in the innovation program every year to pursue innovative ideas.

Image-based document recognition

During Goods Receipt, it is common for the supplier to provide a delivery note that containts all relevant information. By using image-based document detection , we obviate the need for manually entering this data from the Delivery Note into our Goods Receipt, by making the process as simple as taking photo of the document with a mobile device.

Voice command in the Warehouse

The picking process in warehouses can be very error-prone when employees process information on the monitor of a small mobile device and have to enter values manually. As part of the innovation program, our team integrated a Pick by Voice function into our SAP Business One AddOn COBI.wms. In this way, the potential for errors by employees could be reduced.

Face Recognition for Personnel Time Recording

Activate the face recognition function and make sure that your employees can log in with a smile. Full hands are not a challenge either. Simply control COBI.time with the intuitive voice control.

Image-based Document Recognition

Using image-based document recognition makes converting delivery notes child's play. By photographing an incoming delivery note with a mobile device, it can be converted into a goods receipt in a matter of seconds.

Our People & Culture

The key to COBISOFT’s success? Our people. They are innovators, leaders, and all around great human beings. We hire for the best fitting, and we pride ourselves on attracting and retaining people with passion and soul. We are always looking for people who share our values: openness, cooperation and innovation.

Whether it be development, marketing or support- at COBISOFT teamwork is essential when it comes to shaping intelligent enterprises.

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